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About the department
The Economics Department was established in 1997 with the goal of training specialists in the field of economics and setting up for the growth of the country's economy with the admission of undergraduate students in the field of economic sciences; the subfield of commerce. In 2006, this department started its bachelor of theoretical economics program. In 1384 the department started its Master of economic sciences program. And in 2009, the first M. A. programs in Development economics and economic Planning started admitting interested students. Energy economics was the next M. A. program which was made available for applicants in 2012. In order to develop and expand the knowledge boundaries of economics, the Department of Economics, in the second semester of 2011-2012, started offering its Ph.D in economics.

Fields and subfields offered by the department

B. A. level

Economic Sciences, subdisciplines of:  theoretical economics and commerce.

M. A. level

Economic Sciences, Development economics and economic Planning, and Energy economics.

Ph. D. level

Economic Sciences, subdisciplines of

Monetary economics, public economics, Development economics, urban and regional economics, and schools of economic thought


Department manager associates and their phone numbers
     Miss Shanhaz Karami -083-38388093