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Educational Management and Entrepreneurship


Department's history

The Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at Razi University was established by the directors of the University in February 2010 and started its master program in entrepreneurship; the subfield of business. Following its long-term goals and perspectives, in 2011 the subfield of education and promotion and in 2012 the subfield of agricultural services was added to its programs.

With the approval of Ministry, the Ph. D. started enrolling qualified applicants. This was truly a great honor and achievement because Razi University wad the second university, first being Tehran University, that started a post-graduate program of management and entrepreneurship in the entire country. In the same year, educational management was added to the subfields of management and entrepreneurship at this department's master program. In 2014, the Ministry decided to modify the number of fields and subfields in the universities. Thus, subfields of education and promotion and agricultural education were replaced by two new subfields of tourism and organizational management.  


Department's goals and perspectives

The aim of academic activities of this department is to train experts in the field of management and entrepreneurship to see the needs of both public and private sectors. Given the fact that there is currently not enough human resources for development of the country in the field of entrepreneurship and management, the teaching and development of this field has become of great importance.


The graduate will achieve significant capabilities in the following areas:

Becoming  academic staff of universities and institutes of higher education

Conducting research projects in the field of management and entrepreneurship

Giving advanced and professional advice on the issues in the field

Developing entrepreneurship in different sectors such as industry, services and agriculture

Creating and developing entrepreneurial culture and work culture

Helping launching business in different areas


Moreover, students from Iraq are continuing their studies in this department currently. In fact, a few of them have graduated and are among academic staff of universities in their country now


Department manager associates and their phone numbers

Salman Nazari, Office: 08338362471