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The Department of Information Science and Dentistry began to work at the Faculty of Literature and Humanities of Razi University from 1375-1377 with the admission of a student in the field of library science at the daily period. This group also was a student at the undergraduate librarianship and informatics undergraduate year 2005 In the first year of study, 42 students were enrolled on a daily basis. Since the school year of 2007, in addition to the daily course, they have been admitted to the undergraduate bachelor of librarianship and informational programs. Since 2009, the Department of Information Science and Information Science at the Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences With the constant pursuit of group members in the late 13th century 92 The Ministry of Science and Technology agreed to establish a master's degree in information science and science at Razi University, and the first master's degree program began in October 2014 with a focus on information management and the acceptance of 9 students.

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